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Skys&Ray USB Clock Fan ZL01 USB Fan (Silver)

Buy : Skys&Ray USB Clock Fan ZL01 USB Fan  (Silver)                                                            

  •         Material: metal 
  •         System Requirements: USB Port
  •         Color: Silver

The USB Clock fan has been widely touted to be the most useless piece of peripheral technology to have ever been made. The users of this device finally came to the conclusion that adding a clock to it somehow would improve the state of this product. And that's just what we are selling. A significantly improved clock fan. It can show you the time. And its time to buy it. Description: Safe and soft PVC fan blades Flexible neck, free to adjust angle of cool freeze Powered via USB, on laptop or power bank Super lightweight (60g), easy to carry around Simple plug and play Easy to set time Convenient On/Off button Time is kept even when switched off Time Setting: Plug into a USB port or a power bank Press the On/Off button to turn it on Press and hold the On/Off button until minute hand blinks Press and hold the On/Off button to set time Kind Reminders: Keep your hair and face away from the rotating fan blades Be gentle and donat press hard on the USB connector when adjusting Don’t hinder the movement of the fan blades when they’re rotating (it may shorten the useful life of your beloved gadget)
·         Sales Package  : 1 usb clock fan
·         W x H x D :  9 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm
·         Weight : 83 g

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